Creating your own Wiring board with a DIP atmega644p

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We will be exploring here how to breadboard your own Wiring-enabled board, based on an ATmega644 DIP microcontroller. You will be needing the following elements:

  • A breadboard.
  • A serial link with all of its handshaking signals available (RTS, DTR, etc). The signals have to be properly translated to TTL levels.
  • An ATmega644 DIP microcontroller.

We assume the ATmega chip is blank, and so the labor here is divided into two milestones:

  1. Wiring and configuring the serial link as a programmer for ATmega chips.
  2. Flashing the Wiring bootloader to the ATmega644

Our environment for this tutorial is as follows:

  • The serial link: A FT232 Breakout Board for convenient USB communications.
  • The system: an Ubuntu 10.10 machine, running Wiring 0100_rc4 and the AVR toolchain, with avrdude patched to use the FT232 as a programmer.

The following fritzing sketch shows the connections to be made:

M644 wiring pin map.png

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