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Contributed libraries if standard (Wiring libraries style) must be downloaded separately and placed within the "libraries" folder of your Wiring sketchbook or follow the instructions in their respective site. To find the Wiring sketchbook location on your computer, open the Preferences window from the Wiring application and look for the "Sketchbook location" item at the top. Copy the contributed library's folder into the "libraries" folder at this location. You will need to create the "libraries" folder if this is your first contributed library. Follow the links below for more information about each library.

Contributed libraries are developed, documented, and maintained by members of the Wiring community. For feedback and support, please post to the Forum, for development discussions post to Libraries Development.
There is a wide number of libraries developed by the Arduino community, If the libraries use the standard set of commands of the Wiring Framework API they should work fine. Download and install as described above. Check out the Arduino Playground Code Library. For questions/help regarding third party libraries please post to Libraries Development.

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