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Welcome to the Wiring Wiki!
This wiki complements the main site,, and contains code documentation, reference material, code samples, electronic recipes, diagrams and more. Please have a look around.


Wiring is a community of passionate individuals contributing time and intelligence to make excellent software and hardware.

Language Comparisons

Comparing the Wiring Framework to other frameworks/languages exposes its unique and similar qualities. Comparison assists people familiar with one framework/language to transfer their knowledge.

Topics and Lists

This section is forming; right now it's for essays and lists of resources related to Wiring and sketching/prototyping with electronics culture and the community.


Community projects developed around Wiring.

FAQ & Technical Info

If you're having trouble, this is the first place to look. If you have a question not covered, visit the forum.

Code Snippets

Snippets are useful, short code examples. They are general and modular to be easily edited and used in other programs.

Tutorials & HowTos

This is the place for community-generated tutorials and information pages on specific topics.



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