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Atmel AVR 8 Bit microcontroller series


  • 80-90% of all the controllers are supported
    • list forthcoming
  • if bugs are found, or if you have patches for new controllers, please create an issue, or start a discussion in the Atmel AVR 8 Bit forum.

ARM Cortex M3 (STMicroelectronics)

Coming Soon

  • The 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 (by STMicroelectronics) is a handy controller.
  • LeafLabs has offered to provide the Wiring API conversion.

Microchip PIC series

Coming Soon

  • PIC32 has a gcc compiler (we're not 100% sure on the C++ compatibility).
  • PIC24 would be the best for all users - and I'm not sure if Microchip is going to support gcc for this series.
  • If you have more information, please start a discussion in the forums.

Texas Instruments MSP430 family

Coming Soon

  • It appears the MSPGCC toolchain is ripe and ready for the Wiring API.  We're checking on the C++ compatibility.
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