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IDE Development

While the IDE is, for the most part, complete, and requires no extra functionality, it does lack in some editing functions that some "hardcore" people like to use.

The IDE will be maintained and some minor features will be added over time.  The ultimate goal will be to remove any dependence on the IDE, and move focus of Wiring to the API and support for a wide range of platforms.

Expected in release 1.1 is the removal of the compiler backend from the IDE, and will move to a makefile based compiler and uploader.  This will open up the development of the back-end to new platforms almost instantly, as well as the development of front-ends.  Thanks Casey and Ben, but it's time for Wiring to grow up and leave the nest!

API Development

The Wiring API will most likely evolve less over time, as the base set of functionality becomes more complete.  New functionality can be added either through contributed libraries, or via "helper" sketches.

The API needs to be flexible enough such that any new platform that is added can easily be adapted to provide the API.

A well defined set of documentation for the API (abstracted) is forthcoming.

It will be important to keep compatibilty as close as possible for subsets of the API (such as the Arduino API).

In the near future, an overall philosophy for the Wiring API will be put up on the wiki, based on Hernando's thesis.

Libraries Development

Over time, new core libraries will be added to the Wiring API.

A repository for third-party library hosting/development would be a great way to condense the location of various libraries found throughout the "cloud".

With the addition of the repository, an integrated library managment system with online access would be an excellent addition to the IDE.

Core Implementations

We are looking forward to working with new platform cores.  A dialogue has already been started with Microchip, and we expect to have PIC24 support by the beginning of 2012.

New platform cores will be added as developers express interest and implementations are completed.

Hardware Development

New hardware will include:

  • WIring M (based on the Atmel ATmegaxxx1 series)
  • Wiring XS (based on the Atmel ATmegaxx4PA series)
  • Wiring L (based on the Atmel ATmegaxxx0 series)
  • Wiring XL (a carrier board for the Wiring XS)

By mid-2012, Wiring is expecting to have a new Microchip board available.

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